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Re: [Linux-cluster] hi,question about gfs2

GFS2 isn't the only way to get live Xen migration.  If it's simpler, you can implement CLVM on shared storage, and use logical volumes to contain disk images.  Your cluster infrastructure will ensure consistency of volume group metadata and still provide for domain failover.




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1.hi, i do not know fc12 unsupported in less than 2 months

now my environment is fc12

2.if there are rpm  ,rpm is good.
3.i want gfs2 to host xen image-disk.   100G--200G image file.
and need xen live migration  amoung gluster.
i do not know gfs2's perf
At 2011-02-22 20:39:33"Andrew Beekhof" <andrew beekhof net> wrote:
>2011/2/22 yue <ooolinux 163 com>:
>> 1.if i can deploy gfs2 on fedora12.
>Why would you do that?  Isn't F-12 unsupported in less than 2 months?
>> if it is ok to build from source code
>> ?
>> 2.the max node  gfs2 can manger?  i 
 ;use san, if i have 100 machines,if gfs2
>> can work over those nodes?
>> thanks
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