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[Linux-cluster] RHEL6 HA addon

Hi all

I notice in the Release Notes for RHEL6 that many changes have been made to the Cluster Suite (HA Addon) but I am unable to find any mention of how the new suite does heartbeat. In previous versions the Cluster could only do heartbeats (node intercommunication) on one network link and for redundancy the only option was to use bonded network devices. There was a way to add a second heartbeat using altnode directives in the XML config file but that always felt a bit hackish and was only limited to only one altnode, giving two heartbeat paths.

So I would like to ask how RHEL6 does this. If I have nodes with 4 10Gb NIC's, one connected to an admin network, another to a Database network and one to the Application network and the last one connected directly to the other node with a crossover cable, can the cluster now use all possible paths to communicate to the other nodes or will one of those paths become a single point of failure in the cluster?

I'm used to using Clusters like HP's ServiceGuard where I can easily define which links to use as heartbeat. It can even use a serial connection (in a two node cluster) as a additional heartbeat and I have always felt this is quite a big limitation in Red Hat's cluster suite up to RHEL6 atleast.

Thanks in advance

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