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[Linux-cluster] Configuring failover time with Red Hat Cluster

Hi all,

I was trying to find out how much time does it take for RHCS to detect failure and recover from it. I found the link - http://www.redhat.com/whitepapers/rha/RHA_ClusterSuiteWPPDF.pdf

It says that network polling interval is 2 seconds and 6 retries are attempted before declaring a node as failed. I want to know can we tune this or configure it, say instead of 6 retries I want only 3 retries. Also reducing network polling time from 2 seconds to say 1 second (can it be less than 1 second, which I think would consume more CPU)?

Also I have a script resource and I see it invoked with status argument after every 30 seconds, can we configure that as well?

Failover also involve fencing, any pointers on how can we control / configure fencing time would also be useful,I use bladecenter fencing, IPMI fencing as well as UCS fencing.


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