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[Linux-cluster] DR node in a cluster


My GFS2 linux cluster has three nodes. Two at the data center and one at the DR site. If the nodes at DR site break/turnoff, all the services move to DR node. But if the 2 nodes at the data center lost communication with the DR node, I am not sure how does the cluster handles the split brain. So I am looking for some recommendation in this kind of scenario. I am usig Qdisk votes (=3) in this case.

Here is the cman_tool status output.

Version: 6.2.0
Config Version: 74
Cluster Name: vrprd
Cluster Id: 3304
Cluster Member: Yes
Cluster Generation: 1720
Membership state: Cluster-Member
Nodes: 3
Expected votes: 6
Quorum device votes: 3
Total votes: 6
Quorum: 4  
Active subsystems: 10
Flags: Dirty 
Ports Bound: 0 11 177  
Node name: vrprd1.hostmy.com
Node ID: 2
Multicast addresses: x.x.x.244 
Node addresses: x.x.x.96 


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