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Re: [Linux-cluster] Cluster and remote location

On 07/06/2011 07:08 PM, Nicolas Ross wrote:
> Hi !
> In our curent setup we have an 8-node cluster at site A. In the near
> future, we will have a different cluster at site B. Both site will be
> bridged with a lan-extension, and we plan on bridging the "service"
> vlan, the one that that cluster services operetes on. The "totem-ring"
> vlan will remain private on both sides.
> For some services, we may overlap the ips in both cluster, so that this
> service could only be run from one cluster at the time.
> So is there anything I should pay attention to ?

Well yes..

what you describe is a multi-site cluster (as we agreed to call it at
LPC 2010 http://etherpad.osuosl.org/lpc2010-high-availability-clustering).

There is no infrastructure to support this setup yet and to avoid
services to be running at the same time on cluster A and B.

you can still do a setup that involves cluster A to be active and B in
hot-standby (for example cluster B would have no rgmanager running but
everything else can be ready).

Manual failover has to be done by sysadmin between clusters. Protection
against nodes failing within the same cluster is still operational as-is.


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