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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS2 + NFS crash BUG: Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer deference

thx for the fast reply!

El 07/08/11 18:22, Steven Whitehouse escribió:

Currently we don't recommend using NFS on a GFS2 filesystem which is
also being used locally. That will hopefully change in the future,
however, in the mean time I'd suggest using the localflocks mount option
on all the mounts (and be aware the fcntl/flock locking is then node
local) to avoid problems that you are otherwise likely to hit during
recovery. Also...

I dont think I really understood you. You mean that a host wich uses GFS2 locally is not recommended to export the filesystem via NFS, but if the host just uses it as NFS export, and who access the filesystem are just the nfs clients, it is allright

[6235083.656954] BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference
this should not happen. It looks like we are trying to look up something
that is 24 (hex) bytes into a structure. Does the fs have posix acls
enabled or selinux or something else using xattrs?

Nope, at least as far as I know. As I dont usually use ubuntu, I have checked to see if it had selinux enabled by default, or some ACLs related thing, but it seems it's not ....

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