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[Linux-cluster] question about failoverdomains

Hi all,

Please somebody tell me what is the behavior for the following
failoverdomains configuration:

  <failoverdomain name="dom1" ordered="0" restricted="0">
      <failoverdomainnode name="pnl-p" priority="1"/>
   <failoverdomain name="dom2">
      <failoverdomainnode name="psd-p" priority="1"/>

This is a two node cluster. the idea is to create a configuration where
some of the services prefer to run on one node, and other on the other node.
For this I would have created two prioritized failover domains with the
priorities set in such a way that in one domain the one node has higher
priority than the other.

My question related to this setup is:
if a node fails (let suppose pnl-p fails) then the services which are
configured to use dom1 will migrate to node psd-p. What will happen when
the node recovers? will that service fail back to that node?

Thank you,

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