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Re: [Linux-cluster] Multi-homing in rhel5

Hi COrey,

On Feb 3, 2011, at 3:49 AM, Corey Kovacs wrote:

> The cluster2 docs outline a procedure for multihoming which is
> unsupported by redhat.
Which multihoming method is that? 

> Is anyone actually using this method or are people more inclined to
> use configs in which secondary interfaces are given names by which the
> cluster then uses them as primary config nodes.
> For example, on my cluster I have eth0 as the primary interface for
> all normal system traffic, and eth1 as my cluster interconnect.
> eth0 - nodename
> eth1 - nodename-clu <-- cluster config points to this as nodes....
> clients access the cluster services via eth0.
> I've seen other configs where people configure the cluster to use eth0
> for cluster coms so that ricci/luci work correctly, but I don't use
> those.
> Is there an advantage of one method over the other ?

I am just getting started with RHCS, from Sun Cluster. I was planning to use private node host names as the primary cluster communication, using an ethernet bond of two NICs. I was also planning to have Luci available, until I am more adept at knowing what to add to cluster.conf by hand. Does Luci not function when the primary cluster communication is over a private node interconnect?




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