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[Linux-cluster] rhel 6.1 gfs2 performance tests


We have configured redhat cluster RHEL 6.1  with two nodes.
We have seen that performance of GFS2 on writing  is
half of ext3 partition.

For example, time of commands:

time cp -Rp /usr /gfs2partition/usr
0.681u 47.082s 7:01.80 11.3%    0+0k 561264+2994832io 0pf+0w


 cp -R /usr /ext3partition/usr
0.543u 24.041s 4:16.86 9.5%     0+0k 2728584+3166184io 2pf+0w

With  ping_pong tool from Samba.org we've got next results:

Los resultados son los siguientes:

ping_pong /gfs2partition/pingpongtestfile 3
1582 locks/sec

With ping_pong test r/w:

ping_pong -rw /gfs2partition/pingpongtestfile 3
data increment = 2
4 locks/sec

Do you think we can get better performance? Do you think
are "normal" and "good" results ?

Which recommendations do you tell us to get better performance?

For example, we don't have a heartbeat network exclusively, but
we have only one networks interface for application network and cluster network. Could we get better performance with one dedicated cluster network( for dlm,heartbeath,...).

Thanks in advanced,

Jordi Renye Capel
Laboratori de Càlcul
Facultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - Barcelona Tech

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