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Re: [Linux-cluster] service startup order

Hello everybody,

@Digimer: thank you for that link. I was aware of it, and I knew about
Resource trees in a service. But as Ralph has mentioned I was talking
about services not resources.
For instance the Solaris cluster allows one to define resource
dependencies between resources even if they are members of different
resource groups (a.k.a. services), and also allows for specifying
resource groups dependencies. But as far as I know Red Hat Cluster Suite
does not provides these features, or those are not documented enough (if
at all).
In RHEL6 there is an other resource group manager: Pacemaker which has a
richer portfolio of dependencies, but right now it is still in the
unsupported technology preview phase. Anyway it is not my case with RHEL
4.5 :(

@Ralph: could you please provide me some references where have you found
those attributes of the service tag (depend, depend_mode) and for the RM
tag (central_processing)? Thank you.

Kind regards,

On 07/28/2011 09:24 AM, Ralph Grothe itdz-berlin de wrote:
> Hi Digimer, hi Lazlo,
> sorry, for intruding your thread but this is something that I am
> also interested in and which I haven't fully fathomed yet.
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>> Parallel services will be started simultaneously. Services 
>> configured as
>> service trees will start in the order that they are defined 
>> (and stopped
>> in reverse order).
>> This covers the start order well:
>> - https://fedorahosted.org/cluster/wiki/ResourceTrees
> The referred to wiki article only seems to treat
> starting/stopping order and hierarchy (parent-child vs. sibling)
> of resources within one service aka resource group.
> That sounds pretty clear.
> But what about ordering and possible dependencies between
> separate services?
> You mentioned service trees. You didn't actually mean resource
> trees?
> If however your wording was deliberate (what I assume) I wonder
> if one can nest service tag blocks as one can nest resource tags
> within a single service block to express dependencies or
> hierarchy and hence starting order between and of services?
> Because all the sample configuration snippets I have seen so far
> in various docs lack such nesting of services.
> The reason that interests me is because I have such a case where
> a customer requires such a dependency between two distinct
> services that during normal operation (i.e. no node has left the
> cluster) are hosted on different nodes.
> I told them, from what I have perceived of HA clustering and RHCS
> in particular so far, that if they wish to express such an
> interdependency that they would have to put all resources which
> are now split up in two services, in a nested manner that would
> map the intended hierarchy, in a single service.
> Because they insisted on their layout I searched a little and
> discovered the, in the official RHCS Admin doc not mentioned,
> service tag attributes "depend" and "depend_mode".
> However, their usage at first seemed pretty useless because the
> clusterware seemed to completely ignore them and start/stop
> services in sometimes unpredictable ways and even restarted them
> at random.
> Until I, more by accident, discovered that additionally the "rm"
> tag's attribute "central_processing" needed to be defined and
> assigned to "1" or "true" for this feature to work approximately.
> I say apprimately here because we still have issues with this
> cluster that require futher testing.
> I hardly dare mentioning, that unfortunately this system already
> went into production, now of course lacking any HA,
> why we had to defer further testing.
> Regards
> Ralph
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