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Re: [Linux-cluster] service startup order


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> Hi Ralph,
> thank you for your quick answer.
> That Knowledge base article indeed presents that dependencies
> possibility. Unfortunately I do not have the required version
> rgmanager :(


As you wrote, in RHEL 6.X as a tech preview one now has the
choice to install pacemaker and corosync
which however isn't yet officially supported by RH.

But it looks that the RHCS will be moving to Pacemaker in
forthcoming releases.

With Pacemaker, as you remarked, one can configure dependencies
between services.

I'm in a similar dilemma like you.
Because we have support contracts with RH their current RHCS
under RHEL 5.6 is what we "sell" as a service to our customers.
So, how much I would like to shift to Pacemaker, I am tied to the
RHCS version that we have support for.

Good Luck

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