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[Linux-cluster] RHCS resource agent: status interval vs. monitor interval

In the <actions> section of a RHCS resource agent's meta-data,
there are nodes for both action name="status" and action name="monitor".
Both of them have an interval and a timeout.  For example, in ip.sh:

        <!-- Checks to see if the IP is up and (optionally) the link is
             working -->
        <action name="status" interval="20" timeout="10"/>
        <action name="monitor" interval="20" timeout="10"/>

        <!-- Checks to see if we can ping the IP address locally -->
        <action name="status" depth="10" interval="60" timeout="20"/>
        <action name="monitor" depth="10" interval="60" timeout="20"/>

I assume that one of them controls how often rgmanager runs the
resource agent to check the resource status, but which one, and
what's the point of the other one?

I tried to find the answer in:

Neither of them explain why there are separate "status" and "monitor" actions.
  -- Cos

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