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[Linux-cluster] samba share partition of nfs mounted


Due to performance problems with GFS2 in two cluster node, we would like
change directions to next architecture:

- node A: partition EXT3 (before GFS2)
- share partition directly via samba to pc clients

- node B: mount partition of node A via NFS
- share this nfs mounted partition  through samba to pc clients

We have 300 clients of samba (between windows and  linux)
that mount remote partition  using it as HOME directory.

We are making load balancing, between windows and linux clients:
windows mount from node A, and linux from node B.

Problems with GFS2 were:
- long time to take backup.
- problems with some applications as Eclipse.
- with this two problems, we have not yet interactive tests with samba.

We would like to think that EXT3 resolve this problems. Do you see, any
problems with this configuration ?

First thing I see, it's difficult to add high availability in case Node A going down.

Thanks in advanced,

Jordi Renye

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