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Re: [Linux-cluster] CLVM Documentation.

On 06/14/2011 11:31 AM, benpro wrote:
Hi there,

I'm actualy studying some solutions to have a shared FS for KVM and live
I've already tested DRBD+OCFS2 with success.

I wanted to take a look at CLVM, but I don't find any explicit
documentation, like how to configure lvm.conf and how to set up CLVM?

Did you get any links which talk about CLVM? I've already found Red Hat
Documentation [1], but still don't explain the subject in term of
software configuration.

Thanks in advance.

[1] :


alias Benpro

In the end, all that is really needed is to change locking_type to "3" and fallback_to_local_locking to "0" (and, of course, have DLM).

I've got a bit of documentation on implementing CLVM on EL5 with DRBD here:


It is not at all extensive, but hopefully it's sufficient to help.

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