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Re: [Linux-cluster] Linux-cluster Digest, Vol 86, Issue 15

On 06/16/2011 11:00 AM, Corey Kovacs <corey kovacs gmail com> wrote:
My appologies for not getting back sooner. I am in the middle of a move.

I cannot post my configs or logs (yeah, not helpful I know) but
suffice it to say I strongly believe they are correct (I know,
everyone says that). I've had other people look at them just make sure
it wasn't a case of proofreading my own paper etc. and it always comes
down to the umount failing. I have 6 other identical NFS services
(save for the mount point/export location) and they all work
flawlessly. That's why I am zeroing in on the use of '/home' as the

Anyway, it's not a lot to go on I know, but I am just looking for
directions to search for now.



There are several other services that might be interfering with your attempts to umount /home. In addition to NFS, my list of usual suspects includes: Apache, Samba, and Autofs. If these, or any other services, are configured to use users' home directories then you're going to have problems with umount.


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