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Re: [Linux-cluster] question about backup/restore of GFS2


On Wed, 2011-03-02 at 15:23 -0500, Ning Bao statcan gc ca wrote:
> Hi 
> Does anyone have experience with using Netbackup to backup/restore
> GFS2 file system in production environment?  I noticed that GFS2 is
> not on the list of file compatitbitly of netbackup 7. Is there any
> alternative backup tool for GFS2 in enterprise settings if Netbackup
> can not do it?
> Thanks!
> -Ning
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The thing to watch out for with backup is how it affects the normal
working set of the nodes in the cluster. Often you'll get much better
performance with backup if you write a custom set of scripts which
respects the working set on each node and which also allows the backup
to proceed in parallel across the filesystem.

What makes a good backup solution depends on the application and the I/O
pattern, so it is tricky to make any generic suggestions,


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