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Re: [Linux-cluster] which is better gfs2 and ocfs2?

Alan Brown wrote:

Those users are paying for GFS installations.

oh? i've got the full cluster suite running here, from CentOS. i don't remember receiving a bill...

In addition the same problem appears every time a backup is run - even incrementals need to stat each file in order to find out what's changed. Having a 2million file filesystem take 28 hours to run an incremental vs 10 minutes for the same thing on ext3/4 doesn't go down at all well.

if you have 2million files on one filesystem, methinks that GFS et al are doing the best that they can. perhaps GFS is not the real issue...

we had issues with GFS; we flattened the big directories, and now things run much smoother. slower than extX, and much slower than XFS, but since we can backup two machines to the same filesystem concurrently, we're not complaining...

What you've said is right, but also comes across to the average academic as condescending - which is a fast way of further alienating them.

"There is no offense where none is taken."
--old Vulcan sayinig

As far as most users are concerned, a computer is a black box. You put files in, you get files out. If it's shockingly slow it's _not_ their problem, it's the problem of whoever installed it - and it doesn't help that GFS has been sold as production-ready when it's only useful in a limited range of filesystem activities.

while we have found that GFS is indeed production ready, one doesn't use a moving van to participate in the Indy 500. caveat emptor.


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