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Re: [Linux-cluster] which is better gfs2 and ocfs2?

On 12/03/11 23:13, Bob Peterson wrote:
Agreed.  We're abundantly aware of the performance problems,
and we're not ignoring them.

I know Bob, thanks.

(1) We recently found and fixed a problem that caused the
     dlm to pass locking traffic much slower than possible.

Is this rolled into 2.6.18-238.5.1.el5 ?

(2) We recently increased the speed and accuracy of fsck.gfs2
     quite a bit.

Noted and appreciated. I had cause to use them a few days ago.

(3) We also recently developed a patch that improves GFS2's
     management of cluster locks by making hold times self-tuning.
     This makes gfs2 perform much faster in many situations.


(4) We've recently developed another performance patch that
     sped up clustered deletes (unlinks) as much as 25%.

Good. This has been a real cow but at least for this kind of thing users simply tend to go for lunch and let it run.

(5) We recently identified and fixed a performance problem
     related to writing large files that sped things up considerably.
 See question 1 :)

Can I get hotfixes if possible? (el5.6 x64)


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