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Re: [Linux-cluster] which is better gfs2 and ocfs2?

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| > (1) We recently found and fixed a problem that caused the
| >      dlm to pass locking traffic much slower than possible.
| Is this rolled into 2.6.18-238.5.1.el5 ?

Yes, it was added starting with 2.6.18-232

| > (5) We recently identified and fixed a performance problem
| >      related to writing large files that sped things up
| >      considerably.

This one is still in patch form.  Some of our customers are
testing it in production now, but it hasn't made its way to
any official kernels yet.

| Can I get hotfixes if possible? (el5.6 x64)
| AB

If you're a Red Hat customer you should contact our support
people.  We don't have kernels built for other distros, but
as I said, the patches are all posted in various places.
The first place to look is the cluster-devel mailing list.
The archives are here:


The clustered unlink patch is here:

The self-tuning glocks patch is here:

The "large file" slowdown patch only affects RHEL5, so the upstream
code and RHEL6 don't have that problem.  The rhel5 patch is attached
to this bugzilla bug (not sure if it's public or private):

And as for fsck.gfs2, I think the performance patches are
planned for RHEL5.7.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat File Systems

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