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[Linux-cluster] Split-brain with DRBD active-active + RHCS

Hi All ,

I don't have SAN with me , so I want to build the 2 node DRBD active active for mysql  & http  resource ( i.e /dev/drbd2 & /dev/drbd3 in my case) with RHCS . 

I configured the require setup from http://sourceware.org/cluster/wiki/DRBD_Cookbook and from DRDB links

From last 1 week I am testing the same scenario in 2 XEN vms with kenel  2.6.18-128.el5xen , Every thing is working fine , like mysql and http services move from one server to other etc...  But not working correctly when it get fence ( i.e when n/w fail on of the node).

I am facing the split-brain problem.  I search a lot in google and mailling list but don't found the proper correct solution and suggestion.

For Fence testing  I am doing following.
1) On node1 http service is running with /dev/drbd2
2) On node2 mysql service is runing with /dev/drbd3
    At this movement the DRBD primary-primary status is working correctly.
3) Now On node2 When I stop n/w service manually by "service network stop"  then within 3-5 sec.  node2 get fence properly and mysql service get switch on node1 properly.
4) After fencing when node2 come up , then I am facing the DRBD split-brain issue with node1 and node2.

My questions :--
1) Why DRBD Split brain is not coming when I reboot or shutdown or destroy the machine by xm command
    i.e  "xm reboot <node1/node2>"   OR         xm shutdown <node1/node2>  OR      xm destroy <node/node2>

2) Why the DRBD split brain issue come at the time of fencing node only ?

3) Is the combination of DRBD active-active + RHCS is stable ? and workable solution
    Because one of the below mailling list I found it's workable solution

4) In fencing Is there any extra setting require for such combination  ?
5) Do I need to use any custom fencing logic ?

6) Any one using such "
DRBD active-active + RHCS"  setup in Live without split brain issue ?

Please guide and suggest on the same.

Jayesh Shinde

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