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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS2 file system maintenance question.

Hi Alan,

These certainly are concerns, although straying a little off-topic. I am risk-averse and try to avoid or mitigate 'gotcha' issues. (Hence why I'm thinking about maintenance issues now). Unfortunately, having less data is not an option, so I need to try to implement the best solution available to handle that data.

I'm not sure backing up, say 5 x 100TB filesystems would be much difference from backing up the same data on a single 1 x 500TB filesystem. Restoring a single 100TB filesystem would definitely be easier than a single 500TB filesystem, but the trade-off is that the data is split up across 5 filesystems.

Tape backup has definite drawbacks when you start dealing with large data sets. Fortunately our data will not be changing often. We are backing up to external hard drives using trayless chassis, basically using 2TB HDDs as jumbo floppy drives. YMMV.

We are presently running a 70TB XSan2/StorNext SAN. It has been rock-steady since created, about half a year now (XSan1, not so much). I hope creating a 100TB filesystem from one designed to scale to 8EB should really not be too much of a test for GFS2. That is only 1/80th its design capacity. I do not think the developers at Red Hat are any less capable than those at Quantum. (although it will certainly suck to uncover an edge case or bug triggered by >100TB filesystem!).

Given the choice, I certainly would not be pushing the boundaries of what's officially supported. However, it does seem Red Hat has built a Monster Truck. Since I have cars that need crushing, lets see if it can crush some cars before just parking it in the drive.


p.s. I'll start building more driveways if it can't, but lets at least try it first...

On 03/15/2011 02:26 PM, Alan Brown wrote:
Jack Duston wrote:
Thanks Yue, but your information would seem dated if this site is correct:


Even if 100TB is what's officially supported in RHEL6, it doesn't mean
that larger file systems won't work.
Anyone considering such large filesystems should consider the following

1: How long is it going to take to back it up.?

2: How long will it take to restore??

Even LTO5 takes the best part of 12 hours to restore 1Tb...

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