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[Linux-cluster] Node without fencing method, is it possible to failover from such a node?

Hi all,

I have a red hat cluster on IBM blade center with blades being my clusternodes and fence_bladecenter fencing agent. I have couple of resources - IP which activate or deactivate floating IP and script which start my server listening on this floating IP. This is a stateless server with no shared storage requirements or any shared resources which require me to use fancy fencing device.

Everything was working fine, when I disable ethcard of heartbeat IP or of floating IP or pull powerplug or reboot/shutdown/halt one node, IP floats on another node and script start my server which happily listen on this IP. Life was good until I am now required to support cluster of nodes which are not hosted in bladecenter but any vanilla nodes.

Now everything remains same but bladecenter fencing cant be used, and as per my understanding since I am using red hat cluster, it requires me to use some fence method, my first choice is to use power fencing and that only fencing suits my application needs.

But is there any way (I know not the best and recommended but if I can live with it) to get away with fencing and let service failover in absence of fence devices configured for node?


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