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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS2 locking in a VM based cluster (KVM)


On 3/17/11, C.D. <ccd stoy ml gmail com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm not trying to bash gfs2, actually I would definitely prefer it over
> ocfs2 anytime, however it seems it doesn't work well with VM for some
> reason.
> I think this should be investigates by someone at RH possibly because they
> are the driving force behind both KVM, libvirt, the cluster soft and gfs2.

I am not an employee of Redhat.

1. As the fastest measure, turn off atime (if on) while remounting
GFS2 and you will immediately notice a zing in performance.

2. Why would one use GFS2 to store VM? In the absence of CLVM not
offering LUNs on which VMs are stored.

I understand that step 2 may not be feasible if the system is in
production (Well, unless you know that lovely qemu-convert command for
handlink disk images or something like that and dd incantations which
I can't off had remember).

But live storage migration is another issue altogether. I haven't had
a suitable opportunity to cut my teeth in the RHEV Cloud as yet. So no
comments on it from me as yet.

Welcome to the Wonderful world of Redhat HA+VM ! (Its not RHEV please.
RHEV is another, well, lovely and cuddly,  beast altogether)

Get the HA right first, then go for virt during rollouts.




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