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Re: [Linux-cluster] "fsck" on large file systems at boot time

Thank you Bob;

That is a very good point about the file-system being mounted on the other node.
I have opened a ticket with Red Hat on this issue, and have not gotten a satisfactory reply.
I was told that an "fsck" should be performed at boot from Red Hat support.

I am still finding that the knowledge about Red Hat Cluster is very limited, that is why I find this
forum valuable. I have contacted our local Red Hat support to get a clear answer on this issue, but I would like to hear how others are handling this issue.

Thanks again!

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Re: [Linux-cluster] "fsck" on large file systems at boot time

----- Original Message -----
| Good morning;
| We have a critical Oracle application running on a two node Red Hat
| clustered environment. (RHEL5u5)
| Red Hat clustering has worked extremely well for us; we have achieved
| better performance and improved reliability at a substantial reduced
| cost.
| The issue is that when the system reboots, it takes over an hour to
| perform
| an “fsck” on a 1.8T gfs file-system. We cannot afford this down-time.
| Is the “fsck” at boot time required on a gfs file-system?


No, fsck is _not_ required for gfs at boot time.  Offhand, I'd have to
say you do _not_ want to run gfs_fsck at boot time because then it does
not know whether the volume is currently mounted on other nodes.  If it
is mounted elsewhere, the fsck can cause damage.  Of course, there are
special caveats and circumstances, like open-shared root, single-node
gfs, and such.

When in doubt, call the Red Hat support people because they
usually know best.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat File Systems

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