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[Linux-cluster] GFS2 cluster node is running very slow

Hi guys,


                We have a GFS2 cluster consisting of 3 nodes.  At this point, everything is going smooth.  Now, we add a new node with more CPUs with the

exact same configuration but all transactions on the mount run very slow.


Copying a file to the mount is done at about 25kb/s when on the three other nodes, everything goes smooth at about 7MB/s.

CPU on all nodes is idling at some point, all cluster process are kind of sleeping.


We’ve tried the ping_pong.c from apache and it seems to be able to write/read lock files at a decent rate.


There’s other mounts on the system using the same fc card/fibers/switches/san and all these are also working at a decent speed...


I’ve been reading a good part of the day, and I can’t seem to find a solution.






David C. Hill

Linux System Administrator - Enterprise




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