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[Linux-cluster] Fencing problem on Cluster Suite 3.0.12: fenced throws agent error when invoking fence_xvm

I cannot get fence_virt in multicast mode to fence automatically even though I can do it manually with the fence_node command.

Lemme start from the beginning. I have a 2 node cluster, each node is a kvm guest running on a different physical host. All machines are RHEL 6 x64 and the cluster suite version is 3.0.12. 
Like I mentioned before, cluster is configured correctly since I can fence manually with the fence_node command, but when I trigger fenced to call fence_xvm automatically, fence_xvm fails silently with error status 1 and no multicast packet is sent. fence_xvm command does not write its output anywhere when invoked by fenced so I cannot know why it fails, but I suspect that it may be trying to use serial communication instead of multicast.

During troubleshooting, I made a script to run in place of fence_xvm in order to write the piped arguments into a log file and the arguments seem to be correct:


Also, I used tcpdump to determine that no multicast packet was being sent by fence_xvm.

I downloaded the fence-virt code but I am not too keen on debugging linux C code as I am a lowly Java webapp developer.

More info can be found here: https://access.redhat.com/discussion/fencing-problem-cluster-suite-3012-fenced-throws-agent-error-when-invoking-fencexvm

What else can I try to coax fence_xvm to work?
How can I make fence_xvm write to its output to a log file?
Can I call fence_virt instead and use a parameter to force multicast mode?
Should I give up multicast and try to use some vmchannel scheme?

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