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Re: [Linux-cluster] [Q] Good documentation about command line interface??

On 05/30/2011 07:35 AM, Hiroyuki Sato wrote:
Hello Digimer

Thank you for your advice.

   I've already succeed to mount GNBD.
   locking_type = 1
   Should I change lock_type = 3 ?,
   If not, what problem will be occur??

To be honest, I'm not familiar with GNBD. The locking needs to use DLM I do believe, so check the documentation to ensure that is the case.

* fence_apc
  some of reason, I can't get use APC switch.
  (That configuration example is test environment. )
  so I asked alternative solution.

Ah, ok.

* fence_wol

  I can't find fence_wake_on_lan. so I'm thinking to create it.
  WOL supports Power on and Power off ( I'll test later ).
  So, It's will be fence tool.

  And I downloaded fence_na, It was written in Perl script.
  so I want to change fence_na to use wol command.

  Could you point me to good reference to build fence_wol.
  (Of course!!. fence_na is good reference)

Does wake-on-lan allow for:

a) Forcing a node to power off, or does it just start an ACPI shutdown?
b) Can you check that the node is successfully off using wol?

Unless wol can force a node off (ie: in the case of a hung OS) and can return the current power state of the node, then I would be hesitant to use it.

As a general question though; You will need to write a script that follows the FenceAgentAPI:


You could make a few Node Assassin devices if you have access to Arduino boards and don't mind soldering. However, you have 13 nodes, so you'd need five of them... Not sure if that is feasible. If you want to to a test cluster with fewer nodes though, it's probably more reasonable.

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