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Re: [Linux-cluster] Mirrored LVM device and recovery

Hi Andreas,

your system works as designed. If a storage leg of a mirrored LVM volume fails, it simply gets removed from the LVM mirror. LVM does not provide automatic resync if the storage is available again.

Best regards,


----- "Andreas Bleischwitz" <ableisch redhat com> wrote:

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> Hello all,
> we are currently facing some handling issues using mirrored LVM-lvols
> in
> a cluster:
> We have two diffent storage systems which should be mirrored using
> host-based mirroring.
> AFAIK cmirrored lvols are the only supported mirroring solution under
> RHEL56. So we have three multipath devices which are used for 2 data
> and
> one log-volume.
> We added these three pvs to one volumegroup and created the logical
> volume using the following command:
> lvcreate -m1 -L 10G -n lv_mirrored /dev/mpath/mpath0p1 /dev/mpath2p1
> /dev/mpath/mpath1p1
> The volume replicates ok and everything is fine.... until we remove
> one
> storage-side of the mirror. Then LVM simply removes the missing pv
> and
> the mirror is simply removed - which I think is ok; if it will be
> recreated after readding the failed mirror-side.
> Unfortunately LVM doesn't do anything such - is there a special
> configuration-option which we missed?
> And keep in mind: there might be a huge amount of lvms which have to
> be
> re-mirrored. So manual interaction shouldn't be the default option ;)
> Regards,
> Andreas
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