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Re: [Linux-cluster] quorum dissolved but resources are still alive

Il 31/05/2011 19.05, Digimer ha scritto:

There are a couple of problems here; You need:

<cman expected_votes="1" two_node="1">

With a two-node, quorum is effectively useless, as a single node is
allowed to continue. Also, without proper fencing, things will not fail
properly. This means that you are in somewhat of an undefined area.

Can you setup proper fencing, make the <cman .../> change and then try
again? If the problem persists, please paste your entire cluster.conf
(please only alter passwords) along with the relevant sections of logs
from both nodes?

i know that quorum in a "two way cluster" is useless, but i need to config cluster in this way :

node 1 votes 1
node 2 votes 2
quorum 2

When all nodes are working total votes is 3, quorum is 2 and all is working fine...

if link between nodes is down node 1 alone has no quorum ( votes = 1 ) and it has to shutdown his resources while node 2 has quorum ( votes = 2) and it has to bring up resources. In this way i avoid "split brain situation". I know that in this config i have a single-point-of-failure, infact if node 2 goes down, also node 1 goes down ( no quorum ) but for me is ok... I also plannig to implement some way to fencing nodes, but at the moment it's only a simulation lab.... Anyway i still have the problem, node without quorum has not shutdown resources, any help for me plese?

Distinti Saluti
Claudio Martin
Abilene Net Solutions S.r.l.

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