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Re: [Linux-cluster] Need help regarding Sared storage with GFS2

On Tue, 1 Nov 2011 11:29:56 +0200, <Sagar Shimpi tieto com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Following is my setup -
> Redhat -6.0 ==> 64-bit
> Cluster configuration using LUCI.
> I had setup 2 node cluster Load Balancing Cluster having Mysql service
> active on both the nodes using different Failover Domain.
> Node1 [Mysql-1 running with IP - ]
> Node2 [Mysql-2 running with IP - ]
> For both the above Mysql services I had used common storage using GFS2
> file system. But I am facing the problem in syncing the storage. On both
> the nodes data is not in sync.

Which one is not true "I had used common storage" or "On both the nodes
data is not in sync" - if it is a common storage the data is the same?

if you are using GFS2 without a cluster and dlm locking i.e. local_locking
then it is possible both to be true

> Is it possible to sync the data using GFS2 file system while configuring
> MYSQL load Balancing Cluster???

GFS2 has nothing to do with syncing the data between two storages - if
that's what you are after, check DRBD

if you are using improperly configured GFS2 on a shared storage i.e.
without cluster and dlm it is no different than any other local filesystem
and corruption is guaranteed on simultaneous use

how did you create the GFS2 filesystem? Also please show your cluster.conf
and relevant storage details

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