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Re: [Linux-cluster] Ext3/ext4 in a clustered environement

On Fri, 2011-11-04 at 19:40 +0000, Nicolas Ross wrote:
> > Also depending on how quickly you need the service back,
> quick_status
> > and force_fsck will have to be set accordingly. I wanted the
> paranoia of
> > checking for a good file system, others may want faster start times.
> Thanks for the rsponse, I will go ahead and do some tests...
> What is the quick_status setting ? I haven't seen it in the doc ?
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According to the comment in the resource script:

Use quick status checks.  When set to 0 (the default), this
agent behaves normally.  When set to 1, this agent will not
log errors incurred or perform the file system accessibility
check (e.g. it will not try to read from/write to the file
system).  You should only set this to 1 if you have lots of
file systems on your cluster or you are seeing very high load
spikes as a direct result of this agent.

I'm guessing that if the checking of the filesystem is causing high load
you can disable this checking (presumably probes the filesystem
periodically). My reading is you really want 0 unless you are seeing an



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