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Re: [Linux-cluster] Ext3/ext4 in a clustered environement

| Is it possible to make snapshots in a *cluster* LVM environment ?
| Last time I
| read the manual it was not possible.

I highly suspect Nick was talking about _hardware_ snapshotting that is
supported by some SANs, _not_ our clustered snapshot software.

You are right, I don't beleive our enclosure support hw snapshot. It's not that smart...

But in our case, I don't see what good a snapshot would do.

A little bit more on our client's process. They work on documenting and publishing documents and images to a so-called "work version" named doctravail/ (in french ;-). Once they decides a document, image, whatever is good for production it is copied into the so-called "curent version" directory named doccourant/.

On theire web sites, there is 3 databases used in rotation, doca, b and c.

At night, data is fetch from their intranet database and pumped into the next to be used database, and then the data from the doccourant/ is rsync-ed into the corresponding document directory of the web server.

So I during the night, data from the doctravail/ directory doesn't move. It won't help if I use a snapshot of that volume to rsync to the destination. I think...

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