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Re: [Linux-cluster] error messages while use fsck.gfs2

----- Original Message -----
| Hi
|     The host use UIT's CT1600 and UIT's 2000E IP-SAN storage (single
|     LUN
| 10TB)
| last time the switch got a  power failure during the data backup (the
| connection is lost)
| after the iSCSI reconneted, the filesystem was unable to use.
| So I try  use fsck.gfs2 to fix the filesystem problem.but there is a
| error
| message and I got no idea with this error.
| [root Toureg ~]# fsck.gfs2 /dev/sdc
| Initializing fsck
| The system master directory seems to be destroyed.
| Okay to rebuild it? (y/n)y
| Trying to rebuild the master directory.
| libgfs2.h: out of space


The only time I've seen this error before is when the device
was badly damaged. I don't know how that one was damaged, but
it looked like the RAID controller had completely rearranged
the blocks on the media.

If you are a Red Hat customer, please call the Red Hat support
number and ask for help.

A number of things can cause this message:
1. Scrambled blocks on media
2. A disk failed
3. Running fsck on the wrong device. For example, if /dev/sdc
   is partitioned (should have specified /dev/sdc1?) or if
   /dev/sdc is supposed to be part of an LVM2 logical volume,
   (should you have specified /dev/volgrp/logvol (for example)
   rather than /dev/sdc?

Either way, something's seriously wrong with it. If it were my
device, I'd dump the first few MB to a file and see what's there,
compared to what should be there.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat File Systems

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