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[Linux-cluster] Release of the open-shardroot software version 5.0

I'm very happy to announce the availability for the open-sharedroot project version 5.0.

It is now possible to build diskless "shared" root clusters for the following configurations:

- RHEL5 Ext3, Ext4, NFS, GFS, GFS2*, GlusterFS*
- RHEL6 Ext3, Ext4, NFS, GFS2*, GlusterFS*
- SLES11 Ext3, Ext4, NFS, OCFS2
- Fedora*
- OpenSuSE*
- Now with and without configuration via /etc/cluster/cluster.conf.

* not yet or not officially supported

We are looking forward to your feedback.

See also  

Have fun.


Marc Grimme

E-Mail: grimme( at )atix.de

ATIX Informationstechnologie und Consulting AG | Einsteinstrasse 10 |
85716 Unterschleissheim | www.atix.de

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