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Re: [Linux-cluster] error messages while use fsck.gfs2


On Wed, 2011-11-16 at 11:03 +0000, Alan Brown wrote:
> Bob Peterson wrote:
> > I've taken a close look at the image file you created.
> > This appears to be a normal, everyday GFS2 file system
> > except there is a section of 16 blocks (or 0x10 in hex)
> > that are completely destroyed near the beginning of the
> > file system, right after the root directory. Unfortunately,
> > there are critical system files like the master directory
> > that were overwritten.
> Single point of failure?
> Is there any particular reason not to have secondary superblocks?
It isn't the super block that is the problem. That is relatively easy to
reconstruct as it has very little information in it, and what is there
is nearly constant anyway.

The problem is the blocks following that, such as the master directory
which contains all the system files. If enough of that has been
destroyed, it would make it very tricky to reconstruct. Even so it might
be possible depending on exactly which blocks are damaged and what is
known about the original fs.

The real question is how those blocks became overwritten in the first
place. However, if there is some other process which has overwritten
part of the disk there is very little that the fs can do,


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