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Re: [Linux-cluster] DRAC5 fencing issue - unable to connect/login

I had to do some setup to get IPMI to work with DRAC.

I added a new custom user in "Openmanage" under "Main System Chassis" ->
"Remote Access", then the users tab.  Called the user "fence" and set a
secure password. The only option I set was under "IPMI User Privileges"
section:  "Maximum LAN User Privilege granted" to Administrator. That is
the only access this user needs.

On the DRAC card iteself, On the left hand menu select "Remote Access",
then "Network/Security" at the top. Scroll down until you see "IPMI
Settings" and tick "Enable IPMI Over LAN", "Channel Privilege Level
Limit" to "Administrator" and type in 40 randon hex chars as an
encryption key.

I added the drac cards to my hosts file (I called them just the
hostnames with drac on the end)    bldg1ux01n1drac    bldg1ux01n2drac

Can be tested by:

fence_ipmilan  -a bldg1ux01n1drac -l fence -p securepassword -o status

,replace securepassword with the secure password you used. This won't
turn anything off but will show you that the cluster fence stuff will
correctly talk to the DRAC's.

Hope this helps


On Thu, 2011-11-17 at 08:45 +0200, Stefan Lesicnik wrote:
> Hi,
> Try use ipmilan instead of Drac.
> Stefan
> Goutam Baul <goutam baul rp-sg in> wrote:
> Dear List,
> We are trying to configure a RHEL cluster using two Dell Servers (Power Edge
> R610) with iDRAC 6. We intend to use the DRAC as the fencing device. We have
> installed 32 bit RHEL 5.4 OS and the cluster packages.
> When we are trying to test the fencing manually from one of the member
> nodes, we are getting the following error :-
> [root drmail2 ~]# fence_drac5 -a -l root -p calvin -x -c
> "admin1->" -o status
> Unable to connect/login to fencing device
> But we are able to login to the DRAC using ssh as shown below:-
> [root drmail2 ~]# ssh
> root 10 50 4 22's password:
> /admin1->
> But when we enable the telnet service in the iDRAC card then we are getting
> the desired output.
> [root drmail2 ~]# fence_drac5 -a -l root -p calvin  -c
> "admin1->" -o status
> Status: ON
> Any clue please?
> With regards,
> Goutam
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