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[Linux-cluster] Sizing partition for CTDB_RECOVERY_LOCK files


Cluster newbie calling for hint!

I have set up a two nodes cluster with cman, qdisk, clvm, gfs2 and a fiber channel SAN. On the SAN are two LUNs on which I ran mkfs.gfs2 with no issue, and they're mounting nicely. (Actually, a third LUN is used for qdisk.)

Next step is CTDB.

I read here :
and here :
that I have to create a supplementary shared partition on wich I will store a lock file.

Two questions :

- I almost read every web page of cluster documentation on internet and couldn't find information about the sizing of this partition / file growing? The URL I quoted are giving examples, but I don't know how to relate to real world.

- I would like to use CTDB to manage samba dealing with *TWO* shares, using *TWO* LUNs on my SAN. Does the recovery_lock setup has to be duplicated, or is this a general setup, which will work fine with my smb.conf, whatever shares are managed?

Thank you.

Nicolas Ecarnot

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