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[Linux-cluster] Bringing up new cluster to life...

Hi !

We curently have a cluster running fine with RH 6.1, and now we are making a second one in another location. They both share the same "public" network, bridge with a lan-ex. Each cluster has it's own private lan for the "totem" communication.

Now, I made, for the new cluster, 3 of the 8 machines run and attached to the local fiber channel network.

Each node has 2 nics, one for the public services, and one for the corosync communcation.

My very basic config looks like :

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<cluster config_version="1001" name="CyberClusterAS">
 <logging debug="off"/>
 <gfs_controld plock_ownership="1" plock_rate_limit="500"/>
   <clusternode name="node201.lan.cybercat.priv" nodeid="1">
   <clusternode name="node202.lan.cybercat.priv" nodeid="2">
   <clusternode name="node203.lan.cybercat.priv" nodeid="3">

node(201|202|203).lan.cybercat.priv is not in our dns and is in each of the nodes host file, and points to local ip in a dedicated vlan. I can ping and ssh from one node to the other.

I did scp my cluster.conf file to the 3 nodes, and when I try to do a "service cman start" and I get this :

Starting cluster:
  Checking if cluster has been disabled at boot...        [  OK  ]
  Checking Network Manager...                             [  OK  ]
  Global setup...                                         [  OK  ]
  Loading kernel modules...                               [  OK  ]
  Mounting configfs...                                    [  OK  ]
  Starting cman...                                        [  OK  ]
  Waiting for quorum... Timed-out waiting for cluster

iptables is running, I tried it with iptables off, same results.

So I wonder if anyone have a brilliant idea as to why I am not able to bring up this cluster...
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