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Re: [Linux-cluster] Multiple HA-LVM Resources

Hi Andy,

What do your failover domains look like?

If you have failover domains set up, and that service group is not listed as being able to run on that node, you will get that error message when trying to start a service on that node.


On Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 11:38 AM, Speagle, Andy <andy speagle wichita edu> wrote:

Hi Team,


I’m having an issue with RHCS on RHEL 6.1 … I have multiple HA-LVM resources in my cluster which are being used by two different service groups.  I’m having an issue when I try to start the second service group on the same cluster node running the first service group.  I get this immediately.


Local machine trying to enable service:<servicename>...Invalid operation for resource


However, I can startup both service groups just fine as long as it’s on different nodes in the cluster.  I’ve got logging turned up to debug… but I can’t seem to get anything meaningful in the logs regarding this issue.


Can someone clue me in?


Andy Speagle

System & Storage Administrator

UCATS - Wichita State University


P: 316.978.3869

C: 316.617.2431


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