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Re: [Linux-cluster] sharing attr on clustered volume -- cannot see open attribute

Il giorno 14/ott/2011, alle ore 14.01, Fabio M. Di Nitto ha scritto:
> This setup looks very wrong and there is a lot of work on the storage
> side you need to do.
> I am not even sure where to start, but a few simple points:
> 1) you need to use proper shared storage. AOE is fine, but use the real
> one. not 2 local disks exported, because that's never going to work.

why not?

> 2) if you want to use clvmd, all nodes *must* see the same storage

that is :)
different name (in pvs) but same storage.
anyway, i will add a third machine and setup the storage over there, then i will setup 3 machines in cluster that see the same device name.

can that help?

> 3) you need a cluster filesystem such as GFS2. ext3 and reiserfs are not
> cluster fs. If you mounted any of those on both nodes, I strongly
> recommend recreateing the fs and restore data from a backup.

yes but that could be a problem... cause i need to have (at least) a volume for each virtual machine.
or am i missing something like do a cluster filesystem and on top of that re-create the vg?

but anyway, i just need to see the filesystem as open...
do i need a clustered one to see the correct open attribute with lvs?
how does the open attribute is set?

thanks a lot!

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