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Re: [Linux-cluster] new to pacemaker and heartbeat on debian...getting error..

> Please provide your config ... best is the ouput of "cibadmin -Q".
> Reading the logs should also give you valuable hints.

sorry for the late response - i was trying a few things and really
messed things up.

I think you were right in your previous email about another adapter on
same subnet -
I am using vbox and cloned the vm --- i think this caused the
duplicate ethernet hardware issue ---something like you are saying.

So i tried to remove all packages and start out with a new nic or
hardware address...now on installing pacemaker or heartbeat - i get
the following error:

Warning: The home dir /var/lib/heartbeat you specified already exists.
Adding system user `hacluster' (UID 117) ...
Adding new user `hacluster' (UID 117) with group `haclient' ...
The home directory `/var/lib/heartbeat' already exists.  Not copying
from `/etc/skel'.
adduser: Warning: The home directory `/var/lib/heartbeat' does not
belong to the user you are currently creating.
Processing triggers for python-central ...

I tried to clean it up - removed /etc/ha.d and /etc/corosync but the
those directories and others are not coming back as it did on a fresh
Can you help me with that ??? are there other files i need to remove ???
How can i turn on logging for heartbeat and pacemaker ???

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