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[Linux-cluster] kvm shared disk space



I have two kvm guests A and B which live on two different hosts. Both of the host have a different partition which is DRBD synced in Active/Active mode between the hosts, This is then mounted to each host using gfs.


I now need to allow access to the data on the shared gfs disk by the two kvm guests but I am unsure what I need to do to do that. I have looked at the libvirt options but do not see anything that would make sense for the config file.


Ideally each of the guests should mount the data to /mnt/data as this will can then be served out by both of them at the same time.


I should note I do not need the data mounted on the hosts, I have just done that at the moment to test getting gfs2 working over active/active drbd. I do however, need locks to work correctly as the application that needs to use the shared data does need to use locks so any mounting or exporting option needs to respect that.


Any help or ideas gratefully received.





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