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Re: [Linux-cluster] How to run same service in parallel in RedHat Cluster 5.0

On 09/30/2011 02:24 PM, Ruben Sajnovetzky wrote:
> Sorry, I was out yesterday and most of today!
> I got, finally, somehow running partially what I need:
>     I created two resources with different mounting point as:
>         /opt/Central
>         /opt/Collector
> At least is a workaround doable because the application can be installed
> anywhere (installation parameter).
> The issue I'm facing now is that I don't see the way to run same service in
> more than one node at same time (parallel) and without that, I'm pusshed to
> install at /opt/CollectorX, where X is the number of Collector and that will
> not be accepted.
> Any clue if such "parallel" running can be implemented?
> Thanks

Yup, just put the <fs ...> entries in parallel, rather than as child


	<service ...>
		<fs ... />
		<fs ... />

RGManager will then start the two FS resources in parallel and without

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