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Re: [Linux-cluster] fencing issue in 2 nodes cluster

On 08/02/2012 08:19 AM, AKIN ÿffffffffffd6ZTOPUZ wrote:
I have fencing problem in 2 nodes cluster  <cman expected_votes="1"
two_node="1"/> )
fence device  agent  is    like that :
<fencedevice agent="fence_ipmilan" ipaddr="***********" lanplus="1"
login="clsfenceadmin" method="cycle" name="fence_node2"
passwd="**************" power_wait="4"/>
when I run fence_node   nodename    command  on  host   ,  Related node
goes to down but   I am taking errors in /var/log/messages  :
Aug  2 14:55:31 sapclsn2 fenced[6714]: fencing node "sapclsn1.edase.com"
Aug  2 14:55:32 sapclsn2 fenced[6714]: agent "fence_ipmilan" reports:
Rebooting machine @ IPMI:
Aug  2 14:55:32 sapclsn2 fenced[6714]: fence "sapclsn1.edase.com" failed
you have any ideas?

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You've added a bunch of options that I don't think you need. Can you strip the configuration down and see if it works? If so, then you can start putting the options back, one at a time until it breaks.

Here is an example implementation of fence_ipmilan which I have used dozens of times without trouble (including on HP DL1** series machines).


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