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Re: [Linux-cluster] Unable to start Apache cluster service (Error : Failed - Invalid Name Of Service )

Fix your service defination

  <service autostart="1" domain="myFailOver" exclusive="1" name="WEB" recovery="relocate">
                        <ip address="" monitor_link="1" sleeptime="10"/>
                         <apache href=""


2012/8/27 PARAM KRISH <mkparam gmail com>

 I think i am almost there. I have started using RHEL6 hoping it would not give me any night-mare this time to setup a 2 Node Cluster for a Apache cluster service. and i think i have done pretty much everything. 

In short, 

1. Two nodes having private IP's eth0 configured with and
2. Nodes are named as node1.localdomain, node2.localdomain, /etc/hosts taken care
3.  I created the cluster, added two nodes, added the service WEB ( added the child :IP and :apache to it)
4. Cluster is in quorum and detects other node going offline fantastically
5.  Tested the start/stop of this resource WEB using "rg_test" , it worked just fine on both the nodes.
6.  But, for some reasons, its not starting or failing over to other node when i manually test(using clusvcadm -e WEB) or do a reboot or whatever.  

7. Please let me know how do i verify the cluster startup and failover manually to make sure everything works
8. What is it i am missing that makes this not work now ? Please assist. 

Please go through the output of all the commands attached herewith.

Let me know if there is still required.


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