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Re: [Linux-cluster] Normal startup vs startup due to failover on cluster node - can they be distinguished?

Hi all
i have 2 node cluster redaht 6.2.but after rebooting the node both not joining to cluster.i have to join manually.i have to add on start up any script?

On Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 9:25 AM, Parvez Shaikh <parvez h shaikh gmail com> wrote:
Hi experts,

I am using Red Hat Cluster available on RHEL 5.5. And it doesn't have any inbuilt mechanism to generate SNMP traps in failures of resources or failover of services from one node to another.

I have a script agent, which starts, stops and checks status of my application. Is it possible that in a script resource - to distinguish between normal startup of service / resource vs startup of service/resource in response to failover / failure handling? Doing so would help me write code to generate alarms if startup of service / resource (in my case a process) is due to failover (not normal startup).

Further is it possible to get information such as cause of failure(leading to failover), and previous cluster node on which service / resource was running(prior to failover)?

This would help to provide as much information as possible in traps


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