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[Linux-cluster] Reconecting node using heartbeat

Hi everyone,

I am using heartbeat on Ubuntu. I have two nodes configured and both have two network board. So I can connect them with a crossover cable.
When I disconnect one node, the heartbeat detects it. But when I reconnect it, the heartbeat doesn't recognize. Does anynoy know why?

Thanks in advence.

# cat ha.cf
logfacility local0
udpport 694
keepalive 1
deadtime 10
warntime 3
initdead 20
bcast eth1
auto_failback on
watchdog /dev/watchdog
debugfile /var/log/ha-debug
node cloud4
node cloud11
crm on

# crm_mon -1 -V
crm_mon[5370]: 2012/12/07_18:04:58 ERROR: unpack_resources: Resource start-up disabled since no STONITH resources have been defined
crm_mon[5370]: 2012/12/07_18:04:58 ERROR: unpack_resources: Either configure some or disable STONITH with the stonith-enabled option
crm_mon[5370]: 2012/12/07_18:04:58 ERROR: unpack_resources: NOTE: Clusters with shared data need STONITH to ensure data integrity
Last updated: Fri DecĀ  7 18:04:58 2012
Last change: Fri DecĀ  7 17:42:08 2012 via crmd on cloud4
Stack: Heartbeat
Current DC: cloud4 (01f645d4-c8d5-4b2a-8c44-5727101d56c5) - partition with quorum
Version: 1.1.6-9971ebba4494012a93c03b40a2c58ec0eb60f50c
2 Nodes configured, unknown expected votes
0 Resources configured.

Node cloud11 (193a0634-90b5-4c1b-aed1-b987dbae188e): UNCLEAN (offline)
Online: [ cloud4 ]

-- Felipe Oliveira Gutierrez
-- Felipe o Gutierrez gmail com
-- https://sites.google.com/site/lipe82/Home/diaadia

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