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[Linux-cluster] gfs2-utils 3.1.4 Released


gfs2-utils 3.1.4 has been released. This version features a new gfs2_lockgather script to aid diagnosis of GFS2 locking issues, more clean-ups and fixes based on static analysis results, and various other minor enhancements and bug fixes. See below for a full list of changes.

The source tarball is available from:


To report bugs or issues, please use:



Andy Price
Red Hat File Systems

Changes since 3.1.3:

Adam Drew (1):
      Added gfs2_lockgather data gathering script.

Andrew Price (30):
      libgfs2: Expand out calls to die()
      libgfs2: Push down die() into the utils and remove it
      gfs2_edit: Remove a useless assignment
      gfs2_edit: Check return value of compute_constants
      gfs2_edit: Fix possible uninitialized access
      gfs2_edit: Fix memory leak in dump_journal()
      gfs2_edit: Fix null pointer dereference in dump_journal
      gfs2_edit: Remove unused j_inode from find_journal_block()
      gfs2_edit: Fix memory leak in find_journal_block
      gfs2_edit: Check for error value from gfs2_get_bitmap
      gfs2_edit: Fix resource leaks in display_extended()
      gfs2_edit: Fix resource leak in print_block_details()
      gfs2_edit: Fix null pointer derefs in display_block_type()
      gfs2_edit: Check more error values from gfs2_get_bitmap
      gfs2_edit: Fix another resource leak in display_extended
      mkfs.gfs2: Fix use of uninitialized value in check_dev_content
      gfs2_convert: Fix null pointer deref in journ_space_to_rg
      gfs2_convert: Fix null pointer deref in conv_build_jindex
      fsck.gfs2: Remove unsigned comparisons with zero
      fsck.gfs2: Plug a leak in init_system_inodes()
      libgfs2: Set errno in dirent_alloc and use dir_add consistently
      fsck.gfs2: Plug memory leak in check_system_dir()
      fsck.gfs2: Fix null pointer deref in check_system_dir()
      fsck.gfs2: Plug a leak in find_block_ref()
      fsck.gfs2: Remove unused hash.c, hash.h
      mkfs.gfs2: Improve error messages
      libgfscontrol: Fix resource leaks
      fsck.gfs2: Plug a leak in peruse_system_dinode()
      fsck.gfs2: Fix unchecked malloc in gfs2_dup_set()
      gfs2_edit: Don't exit prematurely in display_block_type

Carlos Maiolino (2):
      i18n: Update gfs2-utils.pot file
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.fedorahosted.org/git/gfs2-utils

Steven Whitehouse (13):
      gfs2_convert: clean up question asking code
      fsck.gfs2: Use sigaction and not signal syscall
      fsck.gfs2: Clean up pass calling code
      libgfs2: Add iovec to gfs2_buffer_head
      libgfs2: Add beginnings of a metadata description
      libgfs2: Remove struct gfs_rindex from header, etc
      libgfs2: Use endian defined types for GFS1 on disk structures
      edit: Fix up block type recognition
libgfs2: Add a few structures missed from the initial version of meta.c
      fsck/libgfs2: Add a couple of missing header files
      libgfs2: Add some tables of symbolic constant names
      edit: Hook up gfs2_edit to use new metadata info from libgfs2
      libgfs2: Add flags to metadata description

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