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Re: [Linux-cluster] Fencing race again in centos6.2 with rhcs_fence

On 02/03/2012 09:35 PM, Digimer wrote:
> On 02/03/2012 06:15 PM, Miguel Angel Guerrero wrote:
>> Hi all
>> I try to setup my cluster configuration with centos 6.2 and drbd 8.4,
>> but again i have a fencing race situation, in this case the problem is
>> bigger, because if a hangup any node both nodes halt, if i disconnect
>> a drbd network cable both nodes halt, i try change the outdata-peer
>> handler with /sbin/obliterate-peer.sh with the "sleep 10" in one node
>> but the result is the same, the next pastebin have the log output of
>> both nodes (with rhcs_fence in debug mode) and my config files
>> http://pastebin.com/Kr4FPScs
>> thanks for the help
> Woops, you did have the config there, I am blind. Let me look at it and
> reply again in a few minutes.

With the cluster up and running, can you run this please and tell me
what the output is?

(From the other node)
/usr/sbin/cman_tool kill -f wsguardian1

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