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Re: [Linux-cluster] Issue with mysql service in RHEL6.2 cluster

On 01/12/2012 01:11 PM, Roka, Rajendra wrote:

Any more suggestions on this?

According to the new log, it still timed out after 60 seconds, so either that wasn't long enough either, or there is a misconfiguration and the database can't start because of it:

Jan 10 11:42:57 atp-wwdev1 modcluster: Starting service: mysql on node

Jan 10 11:42:57 atp-wwdev1 rgmanager[1690]: Starting stopped service service:mysql

Jan 10 11:42:58 atp-wwdev1 rgmanager[5252]: Adding IPv4 address to eth0

Jan 10 11:43:01 atp-wwdev1 rgmanager[5401]: Starting Service mysql:mysql

Jan 10 11:44:01 atp-wwdev1 rgmanager[5657]: Starting Service mysql:mysql > Failed - Timeout Error

Jan 10 11:44:01 atp-wwdev1 rgmanager[1690]: start on mysql "mysql" returned 1 (generic error)

Jan 10 11:44:02 atp-wwdev1 rgmanager[1690]: #68: Failed to start service:mysql; return value: 1

What does it say in your mysql log?  The resource script runs the command to start the database and then waits for it to return success.  It waited 60 seconds, and hadn't received any notice that the database started or not, so it gave up.

Look in the logs to see if there is any indication as to why the database won't start.  It could be because you have the wrong configuration in /etc/my.cnf, no permissions on some critical directories, or the resource script is misconfigured.  Also, you should investigate whether you can manually start the database (after mounting the NFS mount and adding the VIP of course) outside of cluster (and compare working and failing mysql logs).


Ryan Mitchell
Software Maintenance Engineer
Support Engineering Group
Red Hat, Inc.

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